IP67 Car charging waterproof Cable assembly

Durable Customized Car charging waterproof Cable Electronic Cable assembly

  • Spec: Electronic Car Charging IP67 Cable Assemblies
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    1. Car electronics device

    2. Automation equipment

    3. Industrial waterproof cable

    Product Attributes

    Product Name IP67 Car charging waterproof cable
    SPECIFICATION Car wireless power cable assembly
    Conductor AWG 20AWG
    Material Tinned Copper
    COND.Size 21/0.18±0.008mm
    Insulation AVG.Thick 0.27mm
    Material SR-PVC
    OD 1.5±0.1mm
    Jacket AVG.Thick 0.76mm
    Material 80°C 62P/PVC
    Color Black/Half MATT
    Cable Code customized
    Number of Positions 12PIN
    Connector - Cable TLT-C3030-12P-V1
    Cable Length customized
    Service ODM/OEM
    Certification ISO9001,UL certification,ROHS and the latest REACH

    Electrical properties

    Electrical Character 100% Open & Short Test
    Conductor Resistance: 3Ω Max
    Insulation Resistance: 5MΩ min
    Voltage Rating: 300V
    Current Rating: 1A
    Operating Temperature:  -10°C to +80°C (According to the cable UL spec)
    Test Time: 3S

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    We provide various prototyping and manufacturing services to support our customers’ individual needs. Fully-automated production equipment has largely shortened production time.

    You can customize wiring harnesses and connectors for automobiles, aviation, industrial, household appliances, etc. According to various needs.


    The custom wire harness is built according to the customer detailed specification and our professional standard. Each step is monitored and goods will be strictly tested before each shipment.

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    ● Cable assembly

    ● Wiring harness

    ● Computer cable

    ● Waterproof cable assembly

    ● Electronic wire harness

    ● Car cigarette lighter switch adapter

    ● Network cable

    ● Industrial cable

    ● Power cable assembly

    ● Vehicle wire harness

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  • 1.Verification reliability of raw materials

    There is its own special laboratory for the selected raw materials for performance verification and quality monitoring, to ensure that each material on the line is qualified;

    2. Reliability of the terminal / connector selection

    After analyzing the main failure mode and failure form of terminals and connector, different devices with different use environments choose different types of connectors to adapt;

    3. Design reliability of the electrical system.

    According to the product use scenario through reasonable improvement, merge lines and components, differentiated to modular processing, to reduce the circuit, improve the reliability of the electrical system;

    4. Design reliability of the processing process.

    According to the product structure, use scenarios, characteristics requirements to design the best processing process, through the mold and tooling to ensure the product key dimensions and related requirements.

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